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      Welcome to Hunan Nongbole Agricultural Mechanical Technology Co. Ltd.

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      Address: Shuangfeng County, Loudi City, Hunan Baitang Baima village Nongbo Le Industrial Park

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      meters; existing staff of 100 people, including 11 senior technical

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      Loudi vocational school-enterprise cooperation product "corn thresher" was affirmed

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      Loudi News Network News (Correspondent Liu Yan) September 16 morning, Loudi Vocational College of Modern Manufacturing Technology Training Center
      (Live demo)
      (Test machine process)
      (Students carefully study the machine structure)
      (Corn threshing clean and complete)
      Loudi News Network News (Correspondent Liu Yan) September 16 morning, Loudi Vocational College of Modern Manufacturing Technology Training Center, accompanied by the roar of the machine, a root full of corn was sent into the running threshing machine, After a few seconds, the falling kernels fall on the tail of the machine. Subsequently, the dried corncobs that had been peeled off were also discharged. In a moment, the ground corn kernels piled up into a hill. This fast and efficient corn threshing process astonished teachers and students who were present at the scene. This is the Loudi Vocational College of Electromechanical and Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Hunan Nongbo Lutu cooperation - the experimental demonstration of new corn threshing machine site. Zhou Zhihe, vice president of Loudi Vocational College, Wang Xiangkui, chairman of Hunan Nongbo Le Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., technical consultant of Hunan Nongbo Music Co., Ltd., director of the Institute of Agricultural Machinery of Loudi Vocational College and professor Yang Yaodian, etc. Witnessed this moment.
      d Nongbo music companies jointly design and development, including six patented technologies, of which three have been authorized by the State Patent Office . The models in Guangxi, Guizhou and other test machine, loved by domestic and foreign agricultural professionals, test machine during the prototype was sold out. At present, the aircraft has been put into mass production for sale to Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Shandong and other major corn producing areas, and has been exported to Southeast Asian markets. Company leaders introduced the machine productivity per hour reached 1.2 tons or more, equivalent to more than 30 strong production capacity of one day, which greatly improved the efficiency of labor. Its technical content and comprehensive performance rank the leading level among similar products, and it is the ideal automatic threshing equipment for maize production specialized households. According to the current market information feedback, due to the stable performance of the product, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, welcomed by farmers friends, has been fully affirmed the market and purchase professional households.
      On the test site, Wang Xiangkui, chairman of Nongbo Music Company, expressed his deep gratitude to Loudi Vocational College for their strong support and said that they will continue to deepen their cooperation with the academy in various fields and jointly develop more practical new agricultural machinery products for agriculture Mechanization and building a new socialist countryside to make greater contribution. (Editor / Liu Fenfeng)