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    2. +86 157-0738-9278

      +86 0738-6882418

      Welcome to Hunan Nongbole Agricultural Mechanical Technology Co. Ltd.

      +86 0738-6882418

      Online customer service hotline

      Tel:+86 157-0738-9278

      Address: Shuangfeng County, Loudi City, Hunan Baitang Baima village Nongbo Le Industrial Park

      The company has more than 12,000 square meters production

      workshop, finished product warehouse more than 2,000 square

      meters; existing staff of 100 people, including 11 senior technical

      staff, mid-level technical staff of 21 people


      9ZP-1.8 Lawn mower Belt conveyor

      Product description
      Product Name: 9ZP-1.8 Lawn mower
      Dimensions: 1310mm × 890mm × 1830mm (including motor)
      Weight: 110kg (without motor)
      Speed: 2800r / min
      Production efficiency: 1.8T / h
      Supporting power: 3Kw
      Suitable: (straw, vine, green feed, wormwood, stevia)
      Voltage: 380V
      Packing: wooden box packaging
      Function: The straw, green feed, cut off, feeding cattle, sheep, donkeys, horses, pigs, etc.
      Features: Green feed, straw, vine cut off
      Suitable for: farms feeding (cattle, sheep, donkeys, pigs and other livestock)
      The core technology: through the conveyor belt to feed the material through the feed roller finishing materials, driven by the motor at a high speed knife wheel group, which cut off the green feed, to the wind wheel operation, the material sent.
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